Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mexico calling!

Chasing Taz and Rudy
This year I have been invited by Taz Harvey to chase him and Rudy as they drive the freaky fast 510 in La Carrera Panamericana 2012, with his lovely wife Milena and his adventurous mother, a rental car!
Initially, we will stay close with their service crew until we gather our girl guts to venture out solo in order catch some photos of full speed sections.

We, "The Girls" will be arriving in Mexico on the 3rd day of the race when the race cars come into Queretaro. Before then, I am hopeful to be getting photos and highlights from Qualifying and the race from start in Vera Cruz to Oaxaca on Day 1, Oaxaca to Puebla on Day 2, and Puebla to Querétaro on Day 3.
I will be posting to this site and doing my best to keep you interested. Thanks for coming along for another ride! If you get bored, you can hop out any time! Cheers! Christine


  1. The donkey has a good looking costume. I hope you have a great safe time Ed Adams

  2. Que tu gira acarree alegria y placer!