Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Day Six: Guanajuato to San Luis de Potosí

Today was a zero accident day!

Milena and I joined Taz's Datsun crew for a service stop experience in Leon and hung out with all the service crews waiting for their race cars to show up. This is a real awesome group of participants, the unsung heroes, really. Having crewed for Martins Taxi for 3 years in a row, I have made friends with many from this exceptional group of people...they are big contributors to this addiction I have with La Carrera.

Taz's Datsun 510 service crew: Mike, Russ, Scott and Mr. Ken Harvey!

Quick Mercedes Gullwing check up.

Phil and Oscar take excellent care of Doug and Angelica.

Team Aguirre snacking on deluxe gourmet lunch.

Mats Hammarlund's service crew are very impressive to watch in action.

Alfa Taxi' service stop now has a pop up!

Three dudes on a 914!

Top two cars.

El Buick

This evenings drivers meeting reminded racers that tomorrow's route into Zacatecas down from La Bufa, a huge and amazing rock mountain, that many lives have been claimed there. The crowd of spectators is expected to be a thousand, and if I remember correctly, they stand in a a pretty sketchy area where it is easy for drivers to lose control of their cars.

Tomorrow is the last race for this 25th anniversary of the Spirit of La Carrera Panamericana. ¡Suerte to all!

Location:San Luis de Potosi

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  1. Loving the coverage, Christine! Good luck tomorrow!